Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination Claims
One of the aims of the Equality Act 2010 is to prevent disability discrimination. This means that employers are not allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities or treat them in any way unfairly.
What is disability discrimination?
If an employer treats a disabled person differently to how they would treat a person without a disability in the same situation, this is discrimination and the person would have a case for a disability discrimination claim. Employers can also discriminate against disabled people indirectly by requiring them to do work that they are unable to do or that is much more difficult for them because of their disability. Also, employers are required to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace in order to enable disabled people to complete their jobs efficiently. If they fail to do this it is discrimination.
Other ways employers leave themselves open to disability discrimination claims includes harassing people due to their disability, discriminating against someone who is Not disabled but cares for someone who does because of their connection with that person, and otherwise treating a person unfavourably simply because of their disability (such as denying them opportunities or benefits given to other employees as a matter of course).
Making a disability discrimination claim


If you feel that you are being discriminated against because of your disability, it is important that you take action because your employer’s actions could well be illegal. It is likely when you make a disability discrimination claim that you will have to take your case to an employment tribunal. It will help your case if you are able to prove the instances in which your employer discriminated against you. This is something our solicitors who specialise in disability discrimination claims can support you with.
As this is such a complex and often emotionally-charged area, it is definitely worth seeking legal support to assist you in your case. You will be asked to make your case to an employment tribunal and your employer will also be given the chance to defend or explain their actions. The tribunal will then consider the evidence of your disability discrimination claim and make a judgement based on the information you have given them.
Thinking of an Employment Tribunal Disability Discrimination Claim?
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