Unfair Dismissal

Unfair Dismissal – what is it?

Unfair dismissal takes place when your employer ends your employment unfairly. This can happen in two main ways. They can either;

  1. dismiss you for reasons that are unfair, or
  2. they can use a process of dismissal that might be considered unfair.

You might also have been dismissed for a reason that counts as ‘automatic unfair dismissal’.

‘Unfair’ reasons for dismissal

There are multiple reasons your employer’s reason for dismissing you was unfair. For example;

  • If your employer announced that they would be making people redundant but you feel that the reasons they used to justify your redundancy were unfair
  • If you were dismissed because of your sexuality, age, gender or other discriminatory issue rather than anything that impacted on your job (such as your experience or competence)
  • Being dismissed for postponing a disciplinary hearing
  • Refusing to give up your working time rights and being dismissed as a result
  • Being dismissed because you refused to take part in union activities and being dismissed for being involved in legal union activities
  • If you were dismissed while carrying out health and safety duties
  • You might also have a case of unfair dismissal if you were dismissed for reporting your employer for not paying the minimum wage

There are other reasons you might have an employment tribunal unfair dismissal case, so if you are unsure but think you might have a case, it’s worth talking to one of our specialist employment law solicitors.

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