Religious or Belief Discrimination

What is Religious or Belief Discrimination?

Under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for anyone to discriminate against you because of your religion or belief. This means that if you have suffered religious discrimination at work or during any part of the employment process, you could be entitled to make an employment tribunal claim. Contact us for specialist advice on religious belief discrimination-for free initial phone advice so you can find out more about your options.

Is Religious Discrimination ever permitted?

The Equality Act makes a few specific provisions where discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief may be permitted including:

• Teachers working in denominational schools may be required to be of a certain religion.

• If there is an occupational requirement for an employee to be of a certain religion, discrimination is sometimes allowed.

• There are special rules that relate to Sikhs, particularly in relation to safety helmets.

• In cases where positive action is being taken to address an inequality in an organisation, discrimination on the grounds of religion may be allowed.

If you are unsure whether your case falls under one of these categories, contact one of our specialist discrimination claim lawyers – as every case is different

Examples of Religious or Belief Discrimination

As well as this, the Act also makes it clear what religious or belief discrimination is. If you think you have suffered any of these things, it is definitely worth seeking advice:

• Treating an employee or job applicant in a way that could be considered unfavourable due to their belief (such as by scheduling interviews at a time when a Muslim candidate would be in prayer, as an example)

• Implementing practices that mean employees or applicants of particular religions are disadvantaged in comparison to others.

• Harassing or intimidating an employee or job applicant because of their religious belief

• Legal test cases have found that people of non-belief are also protected by the law. This means that if you are discriminated against by an employer due to your lack of belief or atheism, you may also be able to attend an employment tribunal on the grounds of religious discrimination.

Compensation for Religious or Belief Discrimination

If you take your case to an employment tribunal and are successful in your belief discrimination claim, it is likely that you will be awarded some compensation as a result. This can take into account your loss of earnings as a result of the discrimination and the injury to your feelings.

Considering a Religious Belief Discrimination Claim?

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