Employment Appeal Tribunal

What is the Employment Appeal Tribunal?

If you are unsuccessful in your employment tribunal claim, then you might be able to contact the Employment Appeal Tribunal. This is the body you contact when you are unhappy with the outcome of your case. For example, if you think that your employment tribunal did not apply the law properly to your claim and subsequently ruled against you, then you would be able to lodge an appeal.

You would do this by sending a Notice of Appeal. There are two main reasons you might choose to do this. One is, as mentioned above, that the tribunal made an error in how it applied the law to your claim. The other is that you feel they reached a decision that no ‘reasonable’ tribunal could have reached (this is something your employment tribunal solicitor will be able to advise you on).

If you want to apply to the Employment Appeal Tribunal then there are time limits that you need to keep to. If your verdict from the original tribunal included written reasons for the decision, then you have 42 days in which to appeal. If there were no written reasons included, then you first need to contact the tribunal within 14 days to request that their reasons for the decision be sent to you. Once you have received those reasons, you will then have 42 days in which to lodge an appeal with the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal should send you an acknowledgement letter within seven days of receiving your Notice of Appeal. They will then review your case by looking at your original claim and the documents relating to it, the verdict of the initial tribunal and any other relevant information related to your case.

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