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How much compensation can I get? If you have a claim against your employer and you are successful in arguing your case against them at an employment tribunal, then you will be eligible for compensation. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on the type of claim you have bought against your employer as well as your individual case. This is because different types of claim are treated differently by employment tribunals and also because every individual case varies in terms of severity and circumstances. However, there are statistics available from the Employment Tribunal Service that tells you the average amount of compensation for different types of claim, which you can use as a guide. For instance, if you are successful with a disability discrimination claim, then in 2010 the average compensation amount was just over £52,000. For cases of sex discrimination, the average payment was £19,499 and for successful age discrimination claims the average compensation amount was £10,931. These figures serve to highlight the range of payments made for different employment tribunal claims, but it is worth pointing out that as these are averages, it is unlikely you would be awarded the exact amounts detailed above. Depending on your case, your compensation could either be more or less than the figures given above and obviously, if you have been the victim of another type of discrimination (such as unfair dismissal or unfair redundancy), then the amount of tribunal  compensation awarded will obviously vary. If you hire specialist employment solicitors, they will be able to give you more information about this. There are also a few conditions on who is eligible to receive employment tribunal compensation. These conditions don’t apply to every claim, but in certain instances you might have to prove that you have worked for your employer for a certain length of time. Assuming that you are eligible for compensation and you win your case, the amount you receive will be calculated according to your loss of earnings, as well as other factors such as your length of service and the amount you earned in a week.

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