Taking Employers to an Employment Tribunal –using No Win, No Fee

The Employment Tribunal may be the only available option if you and your employer can’t come to a resolution over a dispute.

You may be surprised to hear that there are [in all but very, very exceptional cases] no legal costs awarded when it comes to making an Employment Tribunal claim. Applying incurs no legal fees and most of the time there is no way in which you can be forced to pay the legal costs of your employer, even if you lose the case. However, you will always have to pay your own legal costs to your own employment solicitor, regardless of the outcome of the claim.

The initial idea of the Employment Tribunal was to create an efficient and informal method of dispute resolution. The Employment Tribunal also gives people the opportunity to represent themselves. However, this is unfamiliar territory for many people; hence some of them decide to employ the use of employment lawyers. The total cost of doing this will inevitably vary in every case but, on average, a rough guess is that legal costs for the employee is likely to be around £3000 before VAT-although it can be significantly higher.

It is not surprising that some people choose to employ the services of a solicitor. If you are worried about the costs of employing an employment solicitor, you can find ones that operate on a “No win No fee” basis. We do offer a no win no fee employment tribunal service – for appropriate claims.

Remember that you should act quickly, because there is usually a strict time limit on making claims for  Employment Tribunal compensation. Most employees involved in any dismissal claim must make a claim within three months of them being dismissed. In most non-dismissal cases, a letter of complaint must be sent within three months of the issue arising. Additionally, the Employment Tribunal should receive a claim form within six months of the issue arising.

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